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Most of the soil in Southwest Florida is made up of low-level swamp. Do you have a geotechnical engineering partner that cares as much about your residential building project as you do? A hasty measurement based on bad engineering data can drive up your costs by $20-40k on one project.

The simple truth is that high-quality soil and foundation design will prepare your project for success in every area. Creek’s expert geotechnical engineers personally visit every building site to get accurate water table measurements. You don’t won’t get any phone-in solutions based on outdated maps or sketchy GPS coordinates. 

Our geotechnical team works closely with our survey team to develop innovative and cost-effective approaches to solving challenging environmental, marine, and civil engineering problems.

Our Capabilities

  • Subsurface Drilling & Evaluations
  • Roadway Foundation Design & Investigation
  • Structure Foundation Design & Investigation
  • Retaining Wall Design & Investigation
  • Pavement Design Investigation
  • Ground Improvement Design
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Strength of Subgrades
  • Dam Investigation, Evaluation & Design
  • Current Conditions Assessments
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Compaction & Sub-Grade Penetration Testing
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Geotechnical Engineering Services We Provide

We provide several geotechnical and soil services across Southwest FL, such as: lot feasibility assessments, surveying, pad-bearing assessments, compaction testing, sub-grade penetration testing, and related permitting. Gulfcoast also provides geotechnical services for private dig-out inspections.

Integrating each site’s unique geotechnical characteristics is key to the success of any project. Our geotechnical engineers help with everything from new building development to tracking and maintaining existing underground infrastructure.

Lot Feasibility Assessment

Our geotechnical engineers provide a comprehensive assessment of the stability of natural slopes and identify any risks to your project. 

Foundation Design

Gulfcoast engineers assess data, generate plans for site development, and manufacture unique foundation and earthworks tailored to the particular needs of every venture. Gulfcoast provides imaginative geotechnical solutions with economical considerations in mind.

Compaction Testing

Compaction testing is the process of measuring the density of soil or other materials to make sure they meet the required specifications. Accurate compaction testing is important because it reviews the strength, durability, and stability of soil on your building lot.

Sub-Grade Penetration Testing

Gulfcoast is certified to test the strength of your lot’s sub-grade, the layer of soil or rock beneath the pavement or other structure. These sub-grade penetration tests will confirm the sub-grade can bear the weight of the structure and to avoid collapse or subsidence.

Our Geotechnical Engineering Experience

Our Port Charlotte engineering team has over 30 years of experience working with builders in Southwest Florida, and we’ve provided inspections for over hundreds of successful projects. 

Locations We Serve

We’re based in the city of Port Charlotte and service the entire area of Southwest Florida, especially the following counties: 

  • Charlotte County – city of Port Charlotte, city of Punta Gorda, city of Deep Creek, city of Rotonda West, city of Cleveland, city of Burnt Store, city of Charlotte Harbor, etc.
  • Collier County – city of Naples, Everglades City, city of Naples Manor, city of Goodland, etc.
  • DeSoto County – city of Arcadia, Ft. city of Ogden, city of Nocatee, etc.
  • Lee County – city of Bonita Springs, city of Fort Myers, city of Cape Coral, city of Naples, city of Estero, etc.
  • Sarasota County – city of Venice, city of Sarasota, city of North Port, Arcadia, city of Englewood, city of Nokomis, etc.

The Creek Engineering Process

The simple truth is that no two construction sites in Florida are idesntical. Beware of any geotechnical firm who promises a next-day report complete with a permit in-hand. Our engineers won’t be the best fit if you don’t value quality work. The Gulfcoast team does our engineering work right—the first time! 

But, if you want an engineering partner with a proven track record, decades of experience, and a bullet-proof process—then you might be a good fit for Gulfcoast Engineering.

Field Exploration Planning

Subsurface Investigation & Field Work

Subsurface Report

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Drew Spurgeon

Thanks to Creek Engineering and their team for help with our building after Hurricane Ian!

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Great people make great companies! You won't find anyone as good as these guys. We highly recommend all the services they provide.

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Geotechnical Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Geotechnical engineering is a field of civil engineering that deals with the characteristics of earth materials and the utilization of this understanding to the development of foundations, slopes, retaining structures, and other earth-associated structures. Geotechnical engineers take advantage of their familiarity with soil mechanics and rock mechanics to resolve engineering issues involving soil and rock.

Geotechnical engineering is an important part of many construction projects. Geotechnical engineers are involved in the design and construction of a wide range of projects, including:

  • Foundations for buildings and other structures
  • Slopes and retaining walls
  • Dams and levees
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Roads and highways
  • Bridges and other transportation structures
  • Landfills and waste disposal sites
  • Environmental remediation projects

Creek Engineering provides geotechnical soil services for contractors and land developers who are building in Southwest Florida. So, if you’re focused on a North Port, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, or Sarasota project, you’re right in our neighborhood. 

However, we do not provide a soil testing lab or environmental services.

By making sure the soil is compacted to the required density, contractors can make sure their buildings will be safety and durable for decades to come.

Here are some of the benefits of compaction testing in construction:

  • Improved strength and durability
  • Increased stability
  • Reduced permeability
  • Reduced risk of erosion

Many SWFL cities, like North Port, FL, require civil engineers to provide geotechnical investigations and design parameters whenever a new permit is applied for. This is especially common for residential developments.

Our civil engineers provide this service for our building partners. Then, we also visit your site personally to perform the appropriate standard compaction testing.