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Architectural Drafting in Southwest Florida

Architectural Drafting Services that Help Contractors Communicate Better

We’ve found architectural drafting to be a major benefit in our construction projects. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to explain a simple building feature or layout to a client who can’t visualize the options. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

If your client is confused, then you can’t keep moving forward on your project. If your team is confused, they’ll waste time working in the wrong direction. 

Architectural drafting is an essential tool for contractors in Southwest Florida (and everywhere else). By using our architectural drafting services, contractors can visualize the project and communicate with their team more effectively. Most importantly, they produce projects with accurate specs and jaw-dropping results.

Our Capabilities

  • Site plans
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Cutaway sections
  • Building details
  • 3D models
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Architectural Drafting Services We Provide

Architectural drafting is an essential tool for contractors. By using architectural drafting, contractors can visualize the project, communicate with their team, and make sure that the project is built correctly. Here are some of the specific ways we support construction companies in Ft. Myers, Port Charlotte, and other growing areas of Southwest Florida.

Conceptual Design Drafting

Creek Engineering architects work with our clients to develop a conceptual design for buildings. These include brainstorming ideas, creating sketches, and developing a preliminary budget.

Preliminary Design

Preliminary designs for buildings can include: floor plans, elevations, and detailed sections. These designs are used to obtain permits and to get feedback from clients.

Construction Documents

Detailed drawings and specifications from architectural firms can be included in key construction documents—for distribution to project managers, sub-contractors, and other investors.

Post-Construction Services

Our architectural team can also provide post-construction services, like as-built drawings and warranty administration needs.

Locations We Serve

We’re based in the city of Port Charlotte and service the entire area of Southwest Florida, especially the following counties: 

  • Charlotte County – city of Port Charlotte, city of Punta Gorda, city of Deep Creek, city of Rotonda West, city of Cleveland, city of Burnt Store, city of Charlotte Harbor, etc.
  • Collier County – city of Naples, Everglades City, city of Naples Manor, city of Goodland, etc.
  • DeSoto County – city of Arcadia, Ft. city of Ogden, city of Nocatee, etc.
  • Lee County – city of Bonita Springs, city of Fort Myers, city of Cape Coral, city of Naples, city of Estero, etc.
  • Sarasota County – city of Venice, city of Sarasota, city of North Port, Arcadia, city of Englewood, city of Nokomis, etc.

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Thanks to Creek Engineering and their team for help with our building after Hurricane Ian!

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Great people make great companies! You won't find anyone as good as these guys. We highly recommend all the services they provide.

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Architectural Drafting

Frequently Asked Questions

Contractors use a variety of architectural drawings to help them visualize and build structures. Some of the most common types of architectural drafting used by contractors include:

  • Site plans: Site plans show the overall layout of the property, including the location of the building, driveways, walkways, and other features.
  • Floor plans: Floor plans show the layout of each floor of the building, including the dimensions of the rooms, the location of doors and windows, and the placement of furniture and equipment.
  • Elevations: Elevations show the exterior of the building from different sides, including the roofline, windows, and doors.
  • Sections: Sections show a cutaway view of the building, revealing the interior construction.
  • Details: Details show close-up views of specific features, such as windows, doors, and electrical outlets.
  • 3D models: 3D models are becoming increasingly popular as they allow contractors to visualize the project in three dimensions.

The specific types of architectural drafting that a contractor uses will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. For example, a small residential project may only require site plans and floor plans. But, a large commercial project may require all of the types of drafting mentioned above.

Creek Engineering provides architectural drafting services to general contractors, subcontractors, and property developers across Southwest FL. Please contact us with any questions or project needs you have.

Yes, we do sometimes provide architectural drafting services directly to homeowners. While we prefer to work with your contractor (if already hired) to provide the best final solution, our team is ready to meet with you personally as well.