About Us

About Us

Creek Engineering at a Glance

Our engineering firm was born out of a conviction to build a company marked by accurate data (gathered on-site) and clear communication with our partners.

Unfortunately, the Southwest Florida engineering industry has been driven by speed and hurried data in recent years. We think this is a mistake — and we’ve found a better way forward. Builders and homeowners often overpay by thousands of dollars, based on average data gathered from online data (that’s 10 years old).

The simple truth is that you can’t afford to trust the wrong engineering data. One small mistake can quickly add up to a $10,000 unexpected expense. Creek Engineering is a certified, experienced engineering firm, and we exist to help contractors make better decisions for their clients.

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Our History


Stewarding With Integrity

From the very first months of our existence, we’ve been driven by a commitment to stewarding our clients’ projects with integrity and innovation. Jon Colleen, founder and CEO, began offering field services to Southwest Florida engineers under the name of Gulfcoast Geotechnical.



Educating Construction Teams

In 2023, we adopted our a name, Gulfcoast Engineering. Our engineering and field service teams remained committed to educating our contractor partners on the fluctuating building permit regulations of Southwest Florida. We also also added specific certifications and skillsets, including: swimming pool engineering, compaction testing, and sub-grade penetration testing.

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Re-Focus on Geotechnical Testing and Septic Engineering

On January 1, 2024, the Florida Building Code (8th Edition) was implemented across our great state. Several municipalities also announced tighter geotechnical and soil testing requirements for construction projects.

So, we have re-focused our efforts to become the best geotechnical engineering firm in Southwest Florida. Our efforts seem to be finding success. This is especially true in North Port, FL, where every new building permit requires a sub-grade soil compaction test (along with other specialized testing required by a certified engineer). 

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Long-term Partnerships

Committed to Your Project's Success

Creek Engineering is focused on more than just engineering assessments and water table reports. We’re on a mission to build life-long relationships with our clients—based on mutual trust.

Your Accessible Engineering Partner

Our engineering firm provides top-tier services — delivered directly with a phone call from our engineers. Some Southwest Florida engineering firms will keep your questions at arms’ length, but we’re committed to our clients’ success at every turn.