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Creek Engineering

Southwest FL Engineering Services

Builders and developers in Southwest Florida need engineering services but struggle to find a reliable provider.

Many contractors struggle to find trustworthy geotechnical and structural engineering services. They often encounter inexperienced providers or unreliable service, leading to delays, subpar work, and increased costs.

Creek Engineering solves these challenges for our clients—every day. With over 30 years of experience, our family-owned company specializes in septic and structural engineering services. Our team is highly skilled and dedicated to providing top-tier services, including geotechnical engineering, surveying, DOH engineering packets, septic design, and private dig-out inspections. We have a proven track record of delivering reliable and professional services to customers in the Southwest Florida area.

Architectural Drafting

Help visualize the project and communicate with your team more effectively. High-quality projects start with top-tier drafting.

Civil Engineering​

Site plans, engineering support, and inspection services for complex civil construction projects.

Geotechnical Engineering

High-quality soil and foundation design services that prep your project for success. Stay under-budget with accurate water table measurements.

Lot Feasibility Assessments​

Get a thorough feasibility assessment for your residential or commercial building development, and make better data-based decisions.

MEP Engineering

Our mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services help contractors build safe and efficient projects your clients will love.

Swimming Pool Engineering

Top-tier pool engineering and design reviews that get your new pool project approved—the first time.

Private Dig Out Inspections

Discover any underground utilities or other hazards before you dig. Then, get quicker permit approval from your county office.​

Septic Engineering & Design​

Our septic engineers use soil science, hydrology, and engineering principles to design septic systems that are safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Structural Engineering​

Let's make sure your buildings are safe, durable, and efficient. We work with architects, subcontractors, and other partners to keep projects on-time and within budget.

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